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kaulogo22016 Summer School Venue


11th IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management


Karlstad University, Sweden
Computer Science Department, Building 21

21-26 August 2016

Campus map (click to enlarge)
Campus map (click to enlarge)


The hotel list with booking details is available on the registration page. All hotels are located in the center of Karlstad, within walking distance to both social events, to the university express bus stop, and to the railway station and bus terminal. The express bus schedule for express bus line 1 to the university is available here. The buss will leave Stora Torget every 10 minutes, with a trip time of 15 minutes to the bus stop “Universitet” (NOT “Campus”!).

Hotel and transport locations in downtown Karlstad (click to enlarge).

Social event locations

Welcome reception

Sunday’s welcome reception is located in the Drott Bar in Clarion Hotel Drott, Järnvägsgatan 1, across from the railway station. Reception will start at 19:00 on 21-Aug.2016.

Getting there: Drott bar is within walking distance from all other hotels. Go to the railway station – Hotel Drott is in one of the corner buildings across the street from the station!

Boat trip – Karlstad seen from the waterfront

We offer a complimentary guided boat trip around Karlstad’s river delta and city center on Tuesday, 23-Aug-2016, after the conference day. Those who registered meet up before 18:30 at Café Slussvakten, Västra Kanalgatan 2.

Getting there: From the university bus stop, use express bus 1 in direction of the city center, and get out at bus stop “Drottningsgatan”. Walk in the direction the bus came from for approx. 150m until you see the canal. You can use bus line 2 to the center as well, where you should get out at the congress hall “Karlstad CCC”, then follow the road the the bus is driving off until you meet the canal. Cross the canal, and turn left on the path on the other side of the canal.

Maribergskogen – Guided Tour, Dinner and Panel

The main social event will happen on Wednesday, 24-Aug-2016 in Karlstad’s city park, heritage museum and nature reserve Maribergsskogen. A guided tour of the park is offered at 18:00 at the park’s entrance gate. Meet up before 18:00 at Treffenbergsvägen, 652 29 Karlstad.

Dinner will start at 19:00 at Mariebergsskogen at Restaurant Terrassen, which you will easily find after walking through the park’s entrance gates on your right side a short walk up the hill.

Getting there:  Take express bus 1 or bus line 2 to the city center or to your hotel. Then change to bus line 12, which leaves from Stora Torget at 17:48, and from the railway station’s bus stop at 17:50, delivering you at 17:59 at the Maribergskogen bus stop. Bus 13 returns to the center at 20:49, 21:19, and 21:49. It will be a 20-minute walk from and to the railway station if you chose to take a walk instead.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact :husv

  • Lothar Fritsch, Karlstad University lothar.fritsch [at] (Local Event Chair).  Telephone +47 96 88 57 58 (mobile, call in case of emergency)
  • Simone Fischer Huebner, Karlstad University simone.fischer-huebner [at] (General Co-Chair).  Telephone +46 54-700 17 23



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